JCall rassemble les citoyens juifs européens et les amis d’Israël
qui aspirent à une paix au Proche-Orient reposant sur un accord entre
Israéliens et Palestiniens, selon le principe «deux peuples, deux États».



SISO is a new initiative of prominent Israeli individuals and organizations who have joined with Jewish leaders from around the world in a sense of urgency about Israel’s future.

June 2017 will mark 50 years that the Israeli democracy maintains military rule over millions of Palestinians. This situation is disastrous not just for Palestinians but for Israelis as well. The prolonged military occupation poses a very real threat to their safety and well-being, and undermines the moral and democratic fabric of Israel and its standing in the community of nations.

SISO aims to unite Jewish progressive forces in the Diaspora with Israeli initiatives for coordinated action and collective impact to end the occupation.

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